Corporate Gifting

Something special to help you to support the wellbeing of your employees.

Whether there's a significant occasion coming up or just because... we are here to help you find the perfect gift for your team to let them know they are valued.


We believe that gifting should be creatively
led and make an impression. Whether you
need 30 or 30,000 gifts, one time gifting or
ongoing, we have the gifting solution for you

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Reasons to gift


We create memorable gifts
perfect for conferences,
employee training, weddings,
PR launches and even Zoom
happy hours.


Employee engagement is
key. Surprise & delight your
team for a milestone, or
just because.


70% of people surveyed said
that uniquely picked gifts would
encourage them to continue to
do business with a company.


Show your clients you
appreciate them and stay top
of mind with unique gifts
that bring your brand to life!


Drive buzz and word-of-mouth with
Instagrammable branded gifts to
announce new products, events,
surprise and delight influencers,
and promote social sharing.




IMG_20220116_161217_Bokeh (1).jpg

Sustainable pine wood boxes to enhance the gifting experience.

Different type of curation of boxes to choose from. Ranging from Mental health wellbeing to Gratefulness'. 


Wide range of products to customize your box, pick and curate.

Connect with us with your requirement and we would be super happy to assist you!